We have been using the BSS 3000 for analysis of our hemp biomass acquisitions and I have to tell you I'm a bit skeptical about field testing equipment due to the irregularities in maintaining a testing protocol in field. The BSS 3000 was not only extremely easy to use but has proved itself to be extremely accurate and effective.

In our first field deployment we were on a biomass from a hemp flower supplier that had sent us a certificate of analysis guaranteeing as 14.6% potency. The end result was 9.2%. The supplier later said yes that they had a COA that showed it average 9.2 and that the 14.6% COA was sent out probably in error. 

This single test sampling paid for the price of the equipment in and of itself. 

As a result I highly recommend your device for any and all prospective buyers so they can accurately and quickly conduct their infield due diligence.

Prince Cambilargiu Managing Director, AirLand, LLC. BSS 3000

I wanted to let you know of my extreme pleasure with the BSS3000. Being a startup CBD extractor and producer, having the BSS3000 capability in-house has been amazing. As you know, in my process, I use the BSS at almost every step of the way. I use it to analyze incoming dried and raw hemp biomass for CBD and cannabinoids, analyze my crude CBD after supercritical CO2 extraction for CBD and cannabinoids, analyze the crude CBD during the decarboxylation process, and I use it to analyze the CBD content in my end products including oils and topical lotions.

The BSS3000 has proven extremely valuable in all the analyses listed above. Without the BSS inhouse at Peak City CBD, I would be sending many analyses to outside labs. The costs of the samplings would be on the order of $65-$90 each. To accommodate my needs in the lab during product development, as well as the consistently required end-product testing and validation, the BSS3000 has saved me over $2000 per month in outsourced analyses. It’s amazing. Furthermore, the flexibility and portability of the BSS3000 has allowed me to advertise locally for testing of hemp and offer services to local farmers, therefore bringing in additional revenue for my company.

I wanted to thank you for creating a very nice product that has added enormous value in my lab. I only wish that I would have had the BSS3000 sooner!

Matt Weschler Owner and Organic Chemist, Peak City CBD BSS 3000

The BSS 2000 is ideally suited to monitor quality during the processing and distillation steps of our production. Since it produces results in just a few minutes, it is more effective than using a testing lab that would typically require several days to report. The BSS 2000 insures our output remains consistently high quality.

Paul Lessard, PhD Chief Science Officer, The Herer Group BSS 2000

We purchased our BSS 3000 Analyzer from Big Sur Scientific on February 3rd, 2020. Our instrument works flawlessly. First and foremost, it is accurate and precise. I tested the same sample 10 times, and I got the same result every time. Secondly, it is incredibly fast and easy to use. Our analyzer tests a sample, in triplicate, in under five minutes. I have operated HPLC and GC instruments in the past, and Big Sur's technology blows liquid and gas chromatography out of the water. I highly recommend the BSS 3000 Analyzer to anyone in the Cannabis Community.

Tyler Hagan Laboratory Director, Wolf Budd Hemp Company , Phone: (812)-212-3468 BSS 3000