BSS 3000 Testimonial #1

Prince Cambilargiu
Managing Director, AirLand, LLC.
BSS 3000 Testimonial #1

We have been using the BSS 3000 for analysis of our hemp biomass acquisitions and I have to tell you I’m a bit skeptical about field testing equipment due to the irregularities in maintaining a testing protocol in field. The BSS 3000 was not only extremely easy to use but has proved itself to be extremely accurate and effective.

In our first field deployment we were on a biomass from a hemp flower supplier that had sent us a certificate of analysis guaranteeing as 14.6% potency. The end result was 9.2%. The supplier later said yes that they had a COA that showed it average 9.2 and that the 14.6% COA was sent out probably in error. 

This single test sampling paid for the price of the equipment in and of itself. 

As a result I highly recommend your device for any and all prospective buyers so they can accurately and quickly conduct their infield due diligence.