Infrared Spectral Interpretation III

Instructor: Dr. Brian C. Smith

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Course Length: 8 hours

Why take this course?

  • Learn to interpret the spectra of complex molecules
  • See how subtraction and library searching make spectral interpretation easier
  • Perfect your interpretation skills by working problems in IR Spectral Interpretation Workshops


Course Outline

I. Alkanes: Special Topics

  • A. Branched Alkanes
  • B. CH2 in Cyclic Structures: cyclohexyl and cyclopentyl rings


II. Highly Substituted Benzene Rings

  • A. Tri-substituted Rings
  • B. Tetra-substituted Rings
  • C. The Benzene Fingers


III. Heterocyclic and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

  • A. Pyridines
  • B. Naphthalenes


IV. Sugars and Carbohydrates

  • A. Sugars
  • B. Oligosaccharides
  • C. Cellulose


V. Unusual Carbonyl Compounds

  • A. Organic Carbonates
  • B. Polyurethanes
  • C. Acid Anhydrides
  • D. Imides


VI. Organic Sulfur, Silicon, and Halogen Compounds

  • A. Organic Sulfur Compounds
    1. Mercaptans (Thiols)
    2. S=O Containing Functional Groups
    3. O=S=O Molecules
  • B. Siloxanes (Silicones)
  • C. Carbon/Halogen Bonds


VII. Inorganics

  • A. Sulfates
  • B. Silica
  • C. Nitrates
  • D. Inorganic Carbonates
  • E. Phosphates


VIII. Interpretation Aids

  • A. Spectral Subtraction
    1. Theory
    2. Optimizing Subtraction Results
    3. Spotting Artifacts
  • B. Library Searching
    1. Background & Theory
    2. The Search Process
    3. Properly Interpreting Search Results
    4. Subtract & Search Again