Infrared Spectral Interpretation II

Instructor: Dr. Brian C. Smith

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Course Length: 8 hours

Why take this course?

  • Learn to analyze the spectra of economically important molecules
  • Understand what all the peaks in your spectra mean
  • Hone your interpretation skills by working problems in IR Spectral Interpretation Workshops


Course Outline

I. How Molecules Absorb Infrared Radiation

  • A. When Particles Collide
  • B. A Close Encounter of the Electrostatic Kind
  • C. Assigning all the Features in a Spectrum


II. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

  • A. Alkenes:
    1. Substitution Patterns
    2. Distinguishing Cis/Trans Isomers
    3. Natural & Synthetic Rubbers
  • B. Alkynes


III. Ethers

  • A. Saturated Ethers
  • B. Aromatic Ethers
  • C. The Methoxy Group


IV. Complex Carbonyl Molecules

  • A. Aldehydes
  • B. Carboxylic Acids
  • C. Carboxylates (Soaps)


V. Organic Nitrogen Compounds

  • A. Amides
    1. Structure, Nomenclature, and Bonding
    2. Primary Amides
    3. Secondary Amides
    4. Proteins
  • B. Amines
    1. Distinguishing the Three Types of Amines
    2. Methyl Groups Bonded to Nitrogen
    3. Amine Salts
  • C. Nitriles
  • D. The Nitro Group