Forensic & Chemistry Courses from Big Sur Scientific

These acclaimed forensic science training courses are taught online by Dr. Brian C. Smith, an acknowledged expert on the analysis of trace evidence and controlled substances. Dr. Smith has written 3 books on chemical analysis, and over the last 30 years has taught thousands of forensic analysts how to improve their chemical analyses at agencies such as the NYPD, DEA, LAPD, and the Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College.

Here is what our happy course attendees have had to say:

“Dr. Smith’s classes are well received by the students and his evaluations have been positive. He is always prepared, on time, and responsive to students and administration’s needs.”

Christopher Gale, Lab Director, California Criminalistics Institute


“Thanks for teaching the IR classes for us. I enjoyed them and found them to be an excellent overview of the material.”

Craig Triebold, Supervising Criminalist, Sacramento County DA’s Office


Pricing and Quotes – Brian Smith, (508) 579-6514, or use the form below.


Click these links for course outlines:

Principles of Chromatography – Big Sur Scientific

A brand new 2-day online course where you will learn to rationally develop separation methods and pick the right technique to save time and money.

Principles of Analytical Chemistry Course

A 2-day online course that shows you the best analytical technique for each sample and how to think like an analytical chemist to optimize analyses.

Forensic FTIR Instrumentation & Sample Preparation

A 2-day online course where you will learn to optimize your FTIR scans to get the best results, and learn how to properly prepare samples.


Infrared Spectral Interpretation of Trace Evidence & Controlled Substances

A 3-day online course where you will learn to interpret the infrared spectra of controlled substances and trace evidence. Many problem spectra are worked in class to enhance your skills.