Extractors – Improve Your Profitability, Process, and Product with Big Sur Scientific Cannabis Analyzers

  • Avoid getting ripped off by testing biomass at point of purchase. Discover how one happy customer saved thousands of dollars with one analysis Testimonials – Big Sur Scientific
  • Improve your extraction process with in-house testing and increase oil yields by 20+% greatly increasing profits
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to slow, expensive 3rd party testing
  • One analyzer to measure them all – determine cannabinoid and terpene profiles in biomass, extracts, distillates and final products, in a word all your samples!
  • No messy solvents or expensive consumables needed. Cost per analysis = $0
  • Results in 2 minutes!
  • Push button operation means anyone can analyze samples, see how with this video: BSS2000 Training Video 5 Testing Oils – YouTube
  • All systems are calibrated and validated using reference data from state licensed, ISO certified labs. Accuracy you can trust!
  • Monitor decarboxylation reactions to know when they are complete saving time, energy, and money.

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